Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump’s Big October Surprise Blows Up in Mitt Romney’s Face

It turns out that Donald Trump’s big October surprise was to make Mitt Romney look like a moron by offering President Obama $5 million if he will release his college transcripts and passport application.

Remember that whole Moderate Mitt image that the Romney campaign is trying to sell? Donald Trump just trashed that.

Here is the video of Trump’s big “surprise”:

Trump said, “If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and if he gives his passport applications and records, I will give to a charity of his choice, inner city children in Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS research, a check immediately for five million dollars. The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records so stated. He’ll be doing a great service for the country if he does this. If he releases these records, it will end the questions and indeed the anger of many Americans. They’ll know something about their president. The president will become transparent like other presidents.”

David Plouffe of the Obama campaign responded by reminding everyone that Mitt Romney loves him some Donald Trump. Plouffe said Trump is,”Mitt Romney’s biggest supporter. He (Romney) owns everything he says.”

This is really the last thing that the Romney campaign needed today. Romney happily climbed into bed with birther Trump, and he has been coming back to bite them in backside ever since. In May, hours before a joint fundraiser together, Trump went on CNBC and went full on frothing birther insane. Trump said, “This is something that came out last week; a lot of people are questioning his birth certificate, questioning the authenticity of his birth certificate. I’ve been known as being a very smart guy for a long time. I don’t consider myself birther or not birther but there are some major questions here and the press just refuses to cover it.”

The Obama campaign is dead on. Mitt Romney now owns every dumb statement and publicity stunt that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Romney cut a deal with Trump during the Republican primaries, and has been paying for it ever since.

Donald Trump wouldn’t be politically relevant at all if Mitt Romney wouldn’t have elevated him by making such a public show of accepting his endorsement. Trump is listed and referred to by the media as a Romney surrogate. He has a direct connection to the campaign. Both Mitt and Ann Romney has spoken highly of him.

Can you imagine what would happen if an Obama surrogate called on Mitt Romney to prove that he isn’t a polygamist? The conservative bluster would echo for days.

Mitt Romney is already losing this election. Instead of talking about their candidate, the Romney campaign now has to stand aside and see one of their precious few remaining campaigning days left go up in smoke, as one of their surrogates sabotages their efforts.

Donald Trump’s October surprise has blown up in Mitt Romney’s face. If we are the company that we keep, than judging by his close association with Donald Trump, Mitt Romney is not fit to be president.

The Romney campaign is trying hard to sell America a kinder, gentler, more moderate Mitt, but Donald Trump’s appearance serves to remind the country of who Mitt Romney really is.


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