Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Biden's Truthful Words Sit Fine With Me! By Russell Simmons

Joe Biden's truthful comments that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would put "y'all back in chains" sat fine with me. Here's why and here's one example...

The greatest cause of the destruction of the fabric of the black community in the past forty years is the ability to buy drug legislation that targets and imprisons under-served communities. The consequences of these draconian laws is that it takes diseased people, locks them up for long periods of time, educates them in violent criminal behavior and dumps them back into the community. The money for this operation is obviously funded by the same "good old boys" who run Wall Street.

So, when Joe Biden made his comment yesterday that made the Republicans jump out of their seats, I wondered why they were so upset when we, black people, were not. If Republicans want to jump and scream about how to help black people, then end the war on drugs, because we know that it really is a war against our own people. That will certainly start to free "the chains."

We know that the effects of these and other biased policies supported by the Republican Party dis-empower blacks and all other minorities in various different ways. Without healthcare, quality education, protection of women and gay rights and a just tax code (that raises my taxes!), under-served communities will be hit the hardest if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected. We must do everything in our power to make sure that doesn't happen.

-Russell Simmons

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